Stack is committed to secure and protect data of our users

Our privacy policies explain how our company collects and uses your personal data. We have very strict rules on how your data can be obtained and used. We know how important privacy for our users is, so we have built our policy based on user interests.

By using our product or services you agree on upfront to provide your personal data and are giving consent for use of your personal data which is needed for our product and services to function in the best way possible.


Stack is a desktop application, referred to as "Application" or the "Service", owned by Stack, Inc, referred as "Stack", "Our", "We".

According to this agreement, anyone who will use this Application will be referred to as "Stack User", "User", "You".

All services which are external and is integrated into our service like Slack, Facebook or others... will be referred to as "External Service".

External Services

External services can be any service which user adds to Stack application. We do not track, store or keep a record of any activity of our users through their external services. None of the content of these services is stored on Stack servers nor we have any access to it. All of these contents are running locally except cases when it is mentioned by Stack. Content can be stored on the user’s computer in different formats like website cache, cookies etc.

Collected information

Stack collects user account information, which also can be personal data. Personal data are any anonymous data that can be double checked to identify a specific individual. This information can be any information which can help us to identify you (Name; Surname; Email; Photo and all other information which was provided by the user). Stack will always inform users about any data request.

Use of collected information

Stack collects and is using user information to provide better service to users.

Provided information by users are used for different purposes: To improve user experience; to improve customer support; to improve security; to use analytical tools for product and service improvements, and making possible to use our product and services in general.

Sharing information provided by the user

Stack has under 10 employees and we are the only ones who can see and access information which user has provided. We may share user data with third parties only in case we are obliged by law and even in that case we will inform user upfront.

You always can request to delete or receive your data which is stored on our servers and we will provide it right away. Just send us an email and we will fulfill your request as soon as possible.

Changes to agreement

Stack can change this agreement while you are using our product and services. If a change occurs, we will notify you by email or on the website.

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