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We guarantee you that after reading this blog, the way how you used to interact with the internet for so many years, is going to be changed! Stack is the most sophisticated web-application manager with browsing functionality currently on the market. And this is not just our words:

In the next few minutes, let me walk you through all the crucial features you can find in Stack that can make you feel like a superhuman.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ The First Interaction

This is how your very first interaction with Stack looks.

The very first pane that you see on the left side is your door to the internet – the launcher of web-apps. It comes with the most popular pre-integrated applications. However, if you don’t see the app or the website you are looking for among the ones listed, you can simply type the name or the URL inside the Search Bar, and access anything you wish.

🌌 The Spacebar

The uniqueness of Stack design is in its Spacebar.
It gives you the possibility to categorize and group thematically overlapping or often simultaneously used web-apps together as stacks of parallel cards. And by doing soβ€Šβ€”β€Šhelps you transform the tab clutter into an exquisitely organized workspace.

Stacks are aligned above each other on the Spacebar like floors of the virtual building, each containing a different number of cards/applications. If you wish to re-arrange your apps, you can simply drag & drop any card from one stack to another. By double-clicking the top bar, you set each app on the full-screen. And from the β€˜view’ section, you can also move Spacebar to the bottom.

The latter feature comes especially in handy when working with apps at full-screen mode and with maximum concentration.

Key Features

πŸ‘₯ Multiple Accounts

If you are a social media manager handling virtual presence for multiple clients, a founder overseeing your startup media channels, or just a busy man with multiple accounts of the same applications, then this feature is designed for you.

Private Mode allows you to open as many accounts of the same application as you wish!

πŸ”² Multiple Workspaces

As you may have already seen, the main value of having stacks on the spacebar is to group and categorize your most-used apps into an efficient workspace. However, if you are a heavy internet user working on multiple projects at the same time, each with many different apps on its own, or if you just simply want to distinguish work and private life even further, we have a feature that ensures you manage that like no one else!

By clicking the Stack logo, you can add new spaces, and start from the clean sheet. You can have a separate space for work, for home, for fun, or for each of your projects.

πŸ”„ Auto-Refresher!

From all the cool features that you can find in Stack, Auto-refresher is the coolest one! If you want to monitor multiple news feeds, media channels, trading platforms, or just have a card that needs to be refreshed regularly, our sexy looking auto-refresher is there for you. You can simply click and drag the refresh button of a card to set the timer.

πŸ”• Unified Notifications!

One of the main benefits of using Stack is having all your notifications unified in one place. But sometimes colleagues messaging in non-stop mode in Slack channels is becoming unbearable. If this is the case, no need to worry. We have you covered:
you can mute all your apps in Stack by a single click on the bell icon on your spacebar, or you can mute each application separately from the three-dotted menu. The following video illustrates how:

🎭 Synchronization & Guest Mode

Stack can be also used in Guest Mode i.e. without authorization.
However, signing in gives you additional features – the most important of which is the Synchronization. If you use multiple devices, different computers at work and home, authorize in Stack and we will make sure all your neatly organized workspaces are with you whenever you log in from the new device.

ps. In Guest Mode, your access to Native Cards is also limited. Therefore, we encourage you to sign in Stack, so you can have full access to all our features and apps.

πŸ–Ό Picture in Picture

If you are a person like me, who can’t concentrate on anything, unless listening in the back to podcasts of Joe Rogan or Lex Fridman, or if you just want to watch live performance videos while maintaining concentration on your main project, PnP is designed for you.
Whenever we detect a video in your card, PnP button pops up in the header:

Click it and Enjoy the show:

⬛️ Dark Mode!

Stack is itself quite dark 😎
But if you want to get rid of white-colored headers, and feel the power of the dark side, Dark Mode is there for you:

Difference in Functionality

Enough about the features, meet the Ghost Card, our innovative link-opener

πŸ‘» Ghost Card!

Ghost Cards is our browser. It is designed to open any internal links you come across inside the apps you use. On top of that, it also introduces a totally novel Googling experience. Use CMD + Click (MAC) / Ctrl + Click (WIN) and align your search results as parallel Ghost Cards next to your main card. Skim what you are looking for, and with just one click remove all your Ghosts.

Ghost Cards and Googling Experience

✨ Shortcuts and Navigation

The legend says that the one who masters all the shortcuts, will become the real internet superhuman πŸ™ƒ On the bottom left corner, you can find the shortcuts menu⚑️ We strongly advise you to start using Shortcuts, to feel the maximum power.

Hint: Try these two shortcuts at first for the navigation, and you will never click on the app logos for switching the card again:

  • CMD + P (MAC) / Ctrl + P (Win)

  • Ctrl + tab (Mac) / Ctrl + tab (Win)

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